What We Do

With over 70 national and international patents, PRP Industries is a technology-based company providing corrosion solutions through product design, process refinement and proprietary metal treatments, coatings and chemicals.

PRP Corsol® systems are protecting the components of over 1 million commercial vehicles in service today. PRP's Corsol systems are truly an alternative to hot dip galvanizing without the cost and weight penalty. That's why more and more manufacturers are choosing PRP Corsol systems to protect trailers and components.

How We Do It

PRP takes a systems approach to solving your corrosion and coating problems. PRP not only manufactures an array of products but we work closely with your purchasing, manufacturing, quality and sales departments to assure you are getting the most cost effective solution that meets and exceeds the needs of your marketing and sales groups.

CORSOL® Our Anti-Corrosive Metal Treatment is Unmatched